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South African Human Resources Management: Theory & practice

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Country: South Africa
Format: Softcover

Editor: B.J. Swanepoel
Publisher: Juta & Co
ISBN: 9780702177507
Publication date: January 2009
Length: 245mm
Width: 168mm
Edition: 4th Revised edition
Pages: 864
Illustrations: tables & charts

South African Human Resources Management: Theory & practice

This edition makes it clear that all who are interested in the sustainability of South Africa - and Africa - must put human resource management (HRM) at the very core of the management of organisations generally. The content is aligned to outcomes that are geared towards analytical and critical thinking about the theory and practice of HRM in South Africa. The African context is addressed, and ample information about HRM aspects 'elsewhere in Africa' is provided. This edition breaks away even further from the traditional structure of so many standard HRM textbooks. It challenges a broadening of the 'agenda' and scope of HRM work: HRM is not only about managing employees, but also about managing the work and the people who do the work of and in organisations. This may involve alternative ways of getting the work of organisations done superiorly. This title will help you to apply HRM effectively to achieve its ultimate aim, namely to add value to people, to organisations and to society. This title is organised around themes such as: developing an appreciation for the context of HRM in South Africa; strategising, designing and planning as preparatory HRM work; sourcing work talent; facing the country's people empowerment challenge; meeting the reward and care challenge; handling labour and employee relations challenges; championing change and transformation; managing HRM-related information, including HRM and sustainability reporting. Based on most recent theoretical developments, the emphasis is on the practical applications. Samples of relevant documents are included, and an accompanying CD contains a wealth of relevant resources as well as a continuing, integrating case study that serves as a basis for these applications, and individual and group activities. As a package, South African Human Resource Management will be extremely valuable to both current and aspirant managers, and human resource practitioners.

Table of Contents

  • Part One: Setting The HRM Agenda: Conceptual And Contextual Perspective
  • Part Two: Preparatory HRM Work: Strategising, Designing And Planning
  • Part Three: Sourcing Worktalent
  • Part Four: The People Empowerment Challenge
  • Part Five: The Reward And Care Challenge
  • Part Six: Labour And Employee Relations Challenges
  • Part Seven: Additional Challenges, Issues And Perspectives
  • Index.

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THE AUTHORS (and contributors)

Prof Ben SwanepoeI, at the time of developing this fourth edition, was on sabbatical (and unpaid) leave from the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) where he is a member of the Faculty Business (and a former Head of Department and acting Head of School). He is a former president of IRasa (Industrial Relations Association of South Africa) and also used to be a part-time commissioner of the CCMA. Ben has authored and co-authored numerous books in South Africa and articles internationally. For a number of years now, he has also been privileged to gain international academic leadership and managerial experience.

Prof Barney Erasmus, at the time of developing this fourth edition, was VicePrincipal: Operations of the University of South Africa. Having formerly achieved success in roles such as Head of the Centre for Business Management, Head of the Department of Business Management, and later also Director of the School of Management Sciences, Barney was seconded to his current role during 2006. He is registered with the South African Board for Personnel Practice, has authored and coauthored numerous books and articles in the fields of human resource development, labour relations and human resource management, and acts as consultant in these fields as well as in general management.

Prof Heinz Schenk, at the time of developing this fourth edition, was acting as Director: Programmes of the College of Economic and Management Sciences of the University of South Africa. Heinz has proven his managerial capabilities through having successfully occupied roles such as Executive Director: Human Resource Management at the former Technikon Southern Africa, and also as Head of Department: Human Resource Management at the University of South Africa (from which position he has now been seconded to his present role). He is registered as an industrial psychologist and also as a (generalist) Master Practitioner of the South African Board for Personnel Practice, where he serves on the education committee and also as a registered mentor. He has co-authored and contributed to various textbooks in the broad field of HRM.

Marius van Wyk, former Professor of Labour Law and Business Ethics at the Graduate School of Business Leadership of the University of South Africa, whose expertise and dedicated contributions as co-author of the previous three editions of this book was invaluable, sadly passed away before work on this fourth edition commenced. His continued involvement in this ongoing project has indeed been enormously missed.

Contributors (to the fourth edition)

Maggie Holtzhausen is a lecturer in the Department of Human Resource Management of the School of Management Sciences of the University of South Africa and acts as consultant, specialising in labour relations and human resource development.

Professor Mahamed Rajah is a Labour Relations and Labour Law specialist at the Graduate School of Business Leadership of the University of South Africa, a well known consultant in the field and a highly sought-after expert of alternative dispute resolution (also a CEDR accredited commercial mediator and a part time commissioner of the CCMA).

Gary Watkins, founder of Workinfo.com in 1998, agreed to collaborate and make available for use with the book, some of the highly valued information provided by Workinfo.com. Workinfo.com is the online legal and human resources portal of the management consultancy, Workplace Performance Technologies (Pty) Ltd. It is a subscription service (http://www.workinfo.com) providing pro forma policies and procedures, employment legislation on employment equity, human resources, industrial relations, and training and development. It also offers various related free facilities to subscribers, including a comprehensive database of online job descriptions and free downloads for members. Workinfo.com, with its joint venture partners, Perrott, Van Niekerk, Woodhouse and Matyolo Inc., owns and manages the premier case law portal Case Law CC (http://www.caselaw.co.za).

Contributors (to previous editions) The first edition of this book on South African HRM saw the light a decade before thi fourth edition. Over this period, and as part of the development of the three previou editions, various people have made contributions (as co-authors of some chapters and/or as contributing authors in more minor ways) as indicated in each of these three publications (1998, 2000 and 2003).


" ... My thanks also to Gary Watkins for agreeing that we could use very valuable material of Workinfo.com." Professor Ben Swanepoel.

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