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 Comprehensive Index to Workinfo.com Online Resources

The following index contains a complete index of all documents, topics, training material and other resources available to subscribers of Workinfo.com.

Policy Requests: A consulting fee of R500.00 per hour is charged for any requests for additional policies or the customisation of such policies. To request an additional policy not listed below please email info@workinfo.com with your request and we will forward you a quotation for your approval.

Downloading: To download a MS Word document, the best method is to right click the hyperlink and select "Save Target As". Select the folder in which you wish to save the file to retrieve / open it later.

[ A ] [ B ] [ C ] [ D ] [ E ] [ F ] [ G ] [ H ] [ I ] [ J ] [ K ] [ L ] [ M ] [ N ] [ O ] [ P ] [ Q ] [ R ] [ S ] [ T ] [ U ] [ V ] [ W ] [ X ] [ Y ] [ Z ]



[ A ]



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[ B ]

Bursary Agreement

Black Economic Empowerment

Guidelines on Black Economic Empowerment

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[ C ]

Change Management New

A Primer on Change Management

  • Change Management - 31 web pages of resources and references on change management New


Coaching and Mentoring

Communications Manual

1. Introduction to the communications manual *
2. The purpose of a communication STRATEGY *
3. The role of the communication specialist in the workplace *
4. Planning the communication strategy *
5. Internal communication *
6. Analysing the organisation’s communication requirements *
7. Building the communication message *
8. Identify your stakeholders *
9. Identify the correct communicators *
10. Communicating via the correct channel / medium *
11. Drawing up the communication plan *
12. Benchmarking your communications *
13. Measure and evaluate your communications *
14. Recommended communication skills training *
15. How to improve workplace communication *
16. Conflict resolution and negotiation *
17. Legislation governing electronic communication in RSA *
18. Mandatory communication regarding legislation *
18.1. Employment Equity Communication Guide *
19. Communication Policies and procedures *
20. List of annexures *

  • Communications Needs Analysis.
  • Communication Champion Key Performance Indicators
  • Communication Plan Template in order to draw up your communication
  • Communication Monitoring and Control
  • Electronic Communications and Email Policy
  • Electronic Communications Act of 2002
  • Regulation of Interception of Communication and Provision of Communication Related Information - No 70 of 2002
  • Parts a | b | c | d | e
  • Protected Disclosure Act
  • Promotion of Access to Information Act, No.2
  • Preparing for a communication audit
  • Employment Equity Communication Guide
  • Stakeholder Analysis Template
  • Stakeholder Communication Toolkit
  • Communication Audit Template
  • Individual Consent Form (Emails)
  • Words and Phrases
  • The SAHRC Guide to Drawing up the Section 51 Manual in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act
  • Employee Climate Studies – a guide to doing climate studies in the workplace
  • Departmental Climate Study – an example of a climate study
  • Employee Survey Design Guide – guideline on how to do employee surveys


Employee Communications

Understanding and using competencies

Climate / Culture Surveys [New]

Confidentiality and non-disclosure templates

Consensual Relationships in the Workplace

Contingency Plan Template

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[ D ]

Download Articles, White Papers and Checklists 

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[ E ]

Employment Equity Implementation Manual

  • Contents
    1 Introduction to the Employment Equity Act
    2 Myths and Perceptions
    3 Guide to Employment Equity Terminology
    4 Employment Equity Manager
    5 Communication
    6 Consultation
    7 Employment Systems Review Introduction
    8 Employment Systems Review
    9 Workforce Survey
    10 Workforce Profile
    11 Compiling the Employment Equity Plan
    12 Completing the Employment Equity Report
    13 Annexures - Available in PDF only due to formatting requirements
    13.1 The Employment Equity Act and Extracts from Related Legislation
    13.2 Proclamations and Regulations
    13.3 Forms
    13.4 Demographic data
    13.5 Code of Good Practice
    13.6 Department of Labour Speeches, Guidelines and Information Documents
    13.7 Department of Labour PowerPoint Presentation
    13.8 International Legal Instruments
    14 Case Law
    15 Fact Sheets
    16 Best Practices
    17 Definitions
    18 Additional Resources - Training Resources
  • Employment Equity Act and Legislation
  • Pro Forma Employment Equity Plan (MS Word 60 Pages)
  • Duties of Employment Equity Manager and Appointment of Employment Equity Manager

Employer Associations

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[ F ]

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[ G ]



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[ H ]

Health and Safety (see [S] below)

Human Capital

Human Resource Models

Human Resources


Human Resources Manual (core policies and procedures) - updated











Policy Request Form


Is it time to develop or revise your employee handbook?


Conducting a Human Resources Audit


Internal Policy Request Form


Human Resource Contacts


Notices and Disclaimer


Business Conduct Policy


Employment Policies and Procedures


Employment Application Form


Conducting an Interview (Some Guidelines)


Applicant Interview Script


Applicant Standard Letters


Employee Release (Consent) Form


Educational Record Check


Driving Record Check


Drug Testing Consent Form


Telephone Interview Summary Sheets


Tracking Applicants


Personal Reference Check


Reference Check Control Sheet


Employee Orientation Checklist


Independent Contractor Checklist


Contract of Employment (Permanent)


Contract of Employment Fixed Term by Time


Contract of Employment Fixed Term by Purpose


Contract of Employment Domestic Employee


Job Description Forms


Exit Interview Questionnaire


Employee Letter of Resignation


Payroll Deduction Authorization Form


Employee Performance Management


Recruitment Policy (Short Version)


Preferential re-employment procedures


Procedures for the filling of vacancies internally


Recruitment Authorisation Form


Recruitment Policy (Long)


Certificate of Service


Internal Vacancy Application Form


Employee Personal Details Form


Declaration of THE COMPANY as sole employer


Terms and Conditions of Employment


Email and Electronic Communications Policy


Leave Application Form


Annual Leave Policy


Public Holidays Policy


Unpaid Leave


Family Responsibility and Compassionate Leave


Paternity Leave


Maternity Leave


Sick Leave Policy


Overtime Policy and Exemptions


Smoking Policy


Sample Emergency Instructions (Fire Hazard)


Sexual Harassment Policy


Study Leave Policy


Aids Policy


Employee Consent to Work on Public Holidays, Night Shift, Sundays
and Overtime (and Renewal Consent form)


Employee Educational Assistance Policy


Employee Assistance Policy


Employee Laptop Policy


Human Resources Administration




Pro Forma Travel Policy


Flexi-Time Policy


Bursary Agreement


Restraint of Trade


Secrecy and Confidentiality Undertaking


Relocation Assistance Policy


Company Sponsored Events Policy


Conflict of Interest Policy


Termination Checklist


Locker Policy


Loan Policy


Long Service Policy


Telephone Usage Policy


Employee Study Assistance Policy


Discipline and Dismissal


Discussion Summary Sheets for Performance and Conduct


Fair Decision Guides for Poor Work Performance or Misconduct Hearings


Disciplinary Code of Conduct


Disciplinary Policy & Procedure


Disciplinary Forms


Telegrammes for Absenteeism


Procedures for Employee Incapacity


Disciplinary Procedures for Small Businesses


Grievance Procedures


Grievance Policy and Procedure


Grievance Forms

Annexure I

Codes of Good Practice and Statutory Regulations


Code of Good Practice on Handling of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


Code of Good Practice on Unfair Dismissal (see Labour Relations Act)


Code of Good Practice on Dismissal for Operational Requirements


Code of Good Practice on Picketing


Code of Good Practice on Maternity Leave etc


Code of Good Practice on the Regulation of Working Hours


Code of Good Practice: Employment Equity



New policies

Internal Motivation for a Promotion


Developing a Human Resources Strategic Plan

A Human Resource Strategic Plan provides a framework to guide the application of all aspects of a company’s human resource practices. It identifies a long-term vision, supporting success factors, and the most immediate priorities needed to achieve the business strategy.

Like all of the other major business functions, human resources must accomplish a wide range of activities from basic transaction processing to strategic planning in order to be successful. The importance ascribed to each of those functional activities in large part represents the company’s human resource strategy.

Don’t let your HR department get left behind by the business. Start planning your HR Business Strategy now!

This 130 page online manual by Workinfo.com covers the following important areas and will guide you through the process:

·         Introduction to strategic planning

·         Internal and external assessments

·         The corporate strategic planning process

·         Self analysis of the HR function

·         Formulation of the HR strategy

·         Human Resource Strategy templates

·         Translation of the HR Strategic plan into an operational plan

·         HR Operational Plan templates

·         Communication and stakeholder management


South African Policies - examples on the net 

Extensive examples of actual policies from SA companies and institutions available on the internet

General Documents

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[ I ]

Independent Contractor

Format: MS Word & PDF
No. of Pages: 156pp
Electronic Download

1. Applicability
2. Associated forms and documents
3. Introduction
4. Primary objective
5. Determination of Service Status
6. Responsibilities of an Independent Contractor
7. Responsibilities of the Company
8. Annexure A: Consultant-Independent Contractor Determination Checklist
9. Annexure B: Independent Contractor Agreement
10. Annexure C: Service Agreement
11. Annexure D: Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement
12. Annexure E: Copyright and Ownership
13. Annexure F: Email and Electronic Communications - System Controller Consent Form
14. Annexure G: Basic Conditions of Employment Act (7511997): Determination: Earnings Threshold
15. Annexure H: Code of Good Practice: Who is an employee?
16. Annexure I: Personal Service Companies
17. Annexure J Finance Guidelines
18. Annexure K: Case law

Industrial relations

Section 197 Agreements & Notices - Transfer of undertakings in terms of Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995

CCMA Forms and Documents

Indemnity Agreement - Special events



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[ J ]

Job Descriptions

Job Grading

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[ K ]

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[ L ]

Labour Relations

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[ M ]

Mandela Focus

Take some time out from your work schedule and revisit words of wisdom and humour from Africa's greatest living legacy. Great for use in Equity or Diversity training sessions or simply refreshing the promise and vision for South Africa.

Source: BBC

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[ N ]

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[ O ]

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[ P ]

Polygraph Testing

Probationary Period New

Project Management Templates (MS Word 97)

Data Protection and Privacy Issues Relating to Psychological Testing in Employment-Related Settings (Draft UK with SA commentary)

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[ Q ]

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[ R ]

Recruitment and Selection Manual

Recruitment and Selection Manual

Download Recruitment&Selection_Manual_2010.pdf (84 pages, 2.1MB)






  • Benefits of Workplace Diversity
  • Challenges of Diversity in the Workplace
  • Recommended diversity in the workplace solutions




  • Job Description - Key Elements


  • Insights into future work trends


  • The short listing process
  • Screening Resumes


  • Is it a legal questionnaire?
  • How to ask the right questions
  • Some basic rules to interviews
  • How to listen effectively


  • What are competencies?
  • What is a competency model?
  • How are competencies identified?
  • What is a competency interview?
  • Different types of Competencies
  • Suggested questions for Competency Based Interviews


  • Introduction
  • Pros and cons of structured interviews
  • Behavioural categories
  • Interview guide
  • Evaluation report on candidate
  • Questions Template
  • A complete list of behavioural interview questions


  • Reference Checking


  • The interview decision
  • Don’t lose the best candidate   
  • Article: Eight Hiring Mistakes Employers Make: From Application to Interview


  • Article – the true cost of hiring




Download Recruitment&Selection_Manual_2010.pdf (84 pages, 2.1MB)


Remuneration & Remuneration Committee

Employee Review Forms

Recognition of Prior Learning


Employee Reference Checks

Retainer Agreements

Planning For Retrenchments (s189 and s189A)
Legislation, Caselaw and Templates

2 Introduction 
3 Relevant Provisions of the Labour Relations Act 
3.1 Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 as amended 
3.2 Small Scale Retrenchments 
3.3 Large Scale Retrenchments 
3.4 Dismissal for operational requirements during strike action
3.5 Workplace Forums
3.6 Automatically Unfair Dismissals
3.7 Unfair Dismissal
3.8 Referrals of Disputes
4 Insolvency Act
4.1 Effect of sequestration on contract of service
4.2 Insolvency And Liquidation
5 Calculation of Severance Packages
5.1 Basic Conditions of Employment Act No. 75 of 1997: as amended by Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Act, No 11 of 2002
5.2 Government Gazette No. 24889 No. 691 23 May 2003
5.3 Calculation of severance pay by Perrott Van Niekerk Woodhouse Matyolo Inc
6 Unemployment Benefits
7 Code of Good Practice on Dismissals Based On Operational Requirements
7.1 Request for Facilitation
8 Caselaw and Discussion Points
8.1 CCMA has jurisdiction on all retrenchment disputes
8.2 Duty to consult
8.3 Alternatives to retrenchment – interviewing
8.4 Presenting employees with a new structure as a fait accompli
8.5 When to start consulting
8.6 Consensus seeking
8.7 Use of Checklists
8.8 Referral of issue in dispute to advisory arbitration
8.9 Bumping
8.10 Selection for dismissal
8.11 Obligation to consider alternatives
8.12 Consultations with managers
8.13 Severance benefits
8.14 Bona fide offers of reinstatement
8.15 Pre-trial Conferences
8.16 Disclosure of Information
8.17 Fixed Term Contracts
8.18 Longer serving employee retrenched due to being more expensive
8.19 Which persons should be included in consultation
8.20 Changing employee’s terms and conditions of employment 
9 Pro Forma Documents
9.1 Pro Forma Announcement of Contemplated Dismissal due to Operational Requirements - Section 189(3)
9.2 Request for / Offer of Disclosure of Financial Information
9.3 Personal Details – Facilitating the Consultation Process
9.4 Lifo Lists
9.5 Current vs Revised Staffing Structures
9.6 Voluntary Retrenchment
9.7 Using a Settlement Agreement to indicate Acceptance of Voluntary Retrenchment
9.8 Certificate of Service
9.9 Format for Keeping Minutes of Consultations, Meetings & Announcements
9.10 Offer of alternative employment
9.11 Individual Consultation Guides
9.12 Statutory Notice
9.13 Settlement Agreement 
9.14 Pro Forma Retrenchment Policy 
9.15 Checklist Of Key Actions To Be Taken In Retrenchments 
9.16 Services to employees being retrenched 
9.17 The Impact Of Retrenchments, Article by LIfeLine 
9.18 In the shoes of the employee 


Retrenchment Guidelines (Pre August 2002 amendments)

  • Code of Good Practice
  • Code of Good Practice (example for Notice Board)
  • Extract of section 189 of Labour Relations Act
  • Notice Board example of section 189
  • Company Retrenchment Policy
  • Consultation Guidelines
  • Format for Keeping of Minutes (example)
  • LIFO and Current vs Revised Staffing Structure (.xls)
  • General Retrenchment Guidelines
  • Checklist of Additional Actions
  • Disclosure of Information Requirements
  • Voluntary Retrenchment Offer (example)
  • Statutory Notice of Retrenchment
  • Certificate of Service
  • Offer of Alternative Employment
  • Employees particulars of employment
  • Announcement of contemplated retrenchment (example 1)
  • Announcement (example 2)
  • Statutory Notice of Retrenchment

Employee breach of resignation period - letter of demand

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[ S ]

Unpaid Sabbatical Leave Option

Health and Safety



Service Agreement (contractor agreement)

Sexual Harassment Policy

Skills Development Links and Resources

Small Business

Skills Development - Department of Labour

Documents :: Policy Documents :: All Documents
Title FMT
The Recognition of Prior Learning in the context of the South African NQF HTM
The NQF and Curriculum Development PDF
Application for recognition as Standards Generating Body PDF
Certification of learners by accredited ETQA Bodies HTM
FETC Policy Document HTM
General Education and Training Certificate (GETC) Policy Document HTM
Policy on acceptable usage of SAQA trademarks by stakeholders HTM
Quality Management Systems for Education & Training Providers PDF
Quality Management Systems for ETQAs HTM
The NQF and Curriculum 2005 HTM
The NQF and Quality Assurance PDF
The NQF and Standards Setting. PDF

South African Qualifications Authority

Archive list of Policy Documents, Qualifications and Unit Standards

SAQA solicits comment from the public on policy documents, unit standards and qualifications before they are approved. Members of the public usually have 30 days in which to submit comments, after which the notices are archived for historic purposes only. Click here to see the approved policy documents. For the approved unit standards and qualifications click on Registered Qualifications & Standards on the side bar menu.

Please note that qualifications and unit standards may have changed since they were archived. The only correct record of registered qualifications and standards is as per the Registered Qualifications & Standards database. The archive is for historic purposes only, and SAQA takes no responsibility for information obtained by utilising the archive instead of the database.

Select below to view Archived Notices:

Amended Act

Original Act


Old Links

Background and useful documents:

HR Strategic Plan and Operational Plan Templates

Strike Procedures

Succession Planning


Declaration of THE COMPANY as sole employer

Pre hearing suspension procedures

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[ T ]

Talent Management Manual


Testing and Assessment New

General Index


Free Training Programmes to Subscribers

Workplace Awareness Series
A comprehensive series of workplace training initiatives designed to increase awareness in the workplace on key health and safety issues.

Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention Aids / HIV Awareness and Prevention Alcohol Abuse Awareness Smoking & TB Awareness


  • Line-Ups (next update)

Industrial Relations Courses

Training programmes may not be resold or used for profit without prior permission of Workinfo.com.

Training Manual


1.       Training and Development Guide

2.       Course Details

2.1     Annual Training Calendar

2.2     Course Details

2.3     Accredited Training Providers

2.4     Training Nomination Form

2.5     Employee Training Request Form

2.6     Training Schedule of Selected Delegates

2.7     Training Course Evaluation

3.       Administration 

3.1     Training Booking Form

3.2     Training Check List

3.3     Pre-course Discussion between Delegate and Manager

3.4     Post-course Discussion between Delegate and Manager

3.5     Attendance Register

3.6     Clearance Certificate

3.7     Case Report Worksheet

3.8     Training Agreement

4.       Workplace Skills Development

4.1     Training Committee Constitution

4.2     Training Nomination for New Members

4.3     Training Committee Nomination (Replacement)

4.4     Training Committee Minutes

4.5     Workplace Skills Plans and Reports (download from relevant SETA

Training Manual (Templates and Pro Forma Content)

Training Resources

Guidelines for Developing Quality Training

  1. Assessment of Learning Needs
  2. Description of target population
  3. Specification of performance objectives
  4. Planning for Instructional Content, Sequencing, and Methods
  5. Determination of instructional setting and delivery requirements
  6. Development of feedback plan and tools
  7. Description of Instructional Support Services
  8. Development of Evaluation
  9. Other Tasks Related to Designing Instruction

Training Articles

Distance Learning

Ice Breakers

  • Icebreakers
  • Facilitating Introductions
    Icebreakers used to help participants relax and ease into a meeting or training; and to help participants learn each other's names and personal/professional information.
  • Topic Lead-ins
    Icebreakers used to identify individual needs and goals, share information and resources, and/or surface resistance.
  • Related Links
    A collection of icebreaker resources available on the web.


New Technologies


Work - Life

Training Odds and Ends

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[ U ]

Trade Union Meetings

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[ V ]


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[ W ]

Workforce and Succession Planning Manual (click here for index to content and downloads)

Chapter  Contents

Chapter 1

Workforce planning

Annexure 1

VP of HR

Annexure 2

Succession planning

Chapter 2

A guide to strategic human resource planning

Chapter 3

Unit standards applicable to workforce planning

Annexure 3

Preliminary workforce planning checklist

Annexure 4

Workforce planning models

Chapter 4

Workforce Planning Model

Chapter 5

Phase 1 Workforce planning

Annexure 5

Outline for setting strategic direction

Annexure 6

Environmental impact analysis

Annexure 7

Strategic plan impact analysis

Annexure 8

Strategic planning checklist

Annexure 9

Structured Interviews

Annexure 10

Summary of workforce plan

Annexure 11

Workforce planning team members

Annexure 12

Financial Services Charter

Annexure 13

Focus groups

Annexure 14

Workload assessment (i.e. Employment Status Analysis (permanent, contract, temporary and outsourced)

Annexure 15

Employee Retention Survey & Focus Group

Annexure 16

Workforce aging analysis (USA State of Washington Task Force Findings)

Annexure 17

Aids impact analysis

Annexure 17b

Aids Statistics (Excel document)

Annexure 18

Workforce Analysis

Annexure 19

Costings analysis

Annexure 24

Workforce planning readiness checklist

Chapter 6

Phase 2 Workforce planning

Annexure 20

Competency and Skill Assessment

Annexure 21

Competency dictionary

Annexure 22

Selected Human Resource Metrics for Workforce Analysis

Annexure 23

Gap Analysis Template

Chapter 7

Phase 3 Workforce planning

Annexure 25


Annexure 26

Development of strategies and action items

Annexure 27

Example of Developmental Needs Assessment

Annexure 28

Examples of strategies

Annexure 29

Human Capital Standard for Success

Annexure 30

Implementation considerations

Annexure 31

Learning and development activities

Chapter 8

Phase 4 - workforce planning

Annexure 32

Project Initiative Inventory Template

Annexure 33

Project management templates

Annexure 34

Relationship between workforce planning and other strategic plans

Annexure 35

Simple Workforce Planning Questionnaire

Annexure 36

US Forestry Manpower Plan (Adobe Acrobat)

Annexure 37

Workforce Planning Overheads

Annexure 38 workforce management strategy.pdf

Chapter 9


Chapter 10


  Additions to Workforce Planning Manual
A Guide to Planning the Total Workforce
Developing an Human Resources Operational Plan
Workforce Planning Resources

Workplace Terror

Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention

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[ X ]

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[ Y ]

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[ Z ]

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Articles and Checklists

Workinfo.com Knowledge Centre

Additional Resources: Workinfo.com Knowledge Base

7th Annual Female Board Members Survey Proves Staffing More Women Leaders in Business Improves Companies

Personality Self Assessments

Are Happy Employees Motivated Employees? by Bob Seldon

Chili and Your Intuition - 8 ingredients for making better strategic decisions by Jeff Mowatt

Management Training – Myth, Magic or Mayhem? by Bob Selden

When is Negotiating Not Negotiating? – 4 tips to improve success in all negotiations by Bob Selden

Meetings – Management Meetings – Why are they such a waste of time? How to follow the 80-20 rule and five steps to success! by Bob Selden

Have You Been Appreciated Lately? - Six Steps to Make Yourself and Others Feel Better at Work by Bob Selden

Who Do You Need to Influence the Most? - Four Simple Skills, When and How to Apply Them by Bob Selden

Who’s Got The Monkey Now? How to find out how well you manage your time by Bob Selden

Who’s Got The Monkey Now? Part 2- How To Make Delegation Work For You by Bob Selden

Email Etiquette – What’s The Missing Link ? by Bob Selden

Leadership – Do We Know What It Is? 4 Pointers To Start You On The Road To Becoming A Leader by Bob Selden

So, You Want To Be A Consultant! 4 Steps To Take On The Pathway To Success. by Bob Selden

Are You Positive or Negative ? by Bob Selden



Gaps In Human Capital Data Leave Managers At A Loss

Debunking The Myths Of Employee Engagement

Case Law & Legislation Review- The Right To Equality

Chief Executives Do Not Trust HR To Manage Their Talent

Why Finance Cares About HR

Across The Board- Official Communications From The SA Board For Personnel Practice

The Feminine Touch- Looking for Talent without Distinguishing Between Genders

'Apathetic attitude' of pension industry slammed

CCMA celebrates decade of dispute resolution

Companies Now Responsible for Online Harassment


Latest uploads to the Workinfo.com Knowledge Centre

Articles, Downloads and Resources


Articles from Equity Skills News and Views 


Talent Management: The Special Challenges of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Measuring the return on total rewards 
UN Documents - Maps of Africa
South African Women in Corporate Leadership - Census 2004
Human Capital Reporting: An Internal Perspective
Change & Transition Organisation Diagnosis
Readiness For Change Diagnosis
Employee policy on whistleblowing
Draft Human Resources Code of Good Practice
MENTOR ME: A guide to being your own best advocate in the workplace
Self-Assessment Your Organization's Commitment To Human Capital Development
Technical Assistance Guidelines for HIV/AIDS 
Establishing Change Leadership Roles & Responsibilities
Why HR Governance Matters: Managing the HR Function for Superior Performance
Identifying and Understanding the Targets of Your Change
The Change Leader’s Roadmap
Unfinished Business - Mastering HR Business Design
Evaluating Performance Management Programmes
Unfinished Business - Mastering HR Business Design
Identifying Your Drivers of Change Co-created by Linda Ackerman Anderson and Dean Anderson
Workforce Planning: Assessment of workforce planning readiness
Pro Forma AIDS /HIV Policy
Employee Self-Assessment Guide
Probationary review form
Human Resources Surveys

About Workinfo.com

Product Downloads and Previews

Workinfo.com Training Resources

White Papers

Best Practice Guidelines for Creating a Culture of Gender Equality in the Private Sector 
Workinfo.com Gender Policy and Code of Conduct (Pdf) 
The Development of the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management Tool

Pro Form Policies & Documents

For a complete index of online policies and procedures available to subscribers, please click here:-

Sexual Harassment Policy Version 1 MS Word Version  
Sexual Harassment Policy Short Version
Email and Electronic Communications. Download in MS Word 97  
Domestic Servant Contract of Employment MS Word
Probationary Review Form
Workinfo.com Free Monthly Downloads (various documents)

Employee Self-Assessment Guide Download in MS Word

Workforce Planning- Assessment of workforce planning readiness


  • Labour Appeal Court Forms and Rules
  • Labour Court Forms & Rules
  • CCMA Forms and Rules
  • Employment Equity Forms Forms and Codes
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Forms and Codes
  • Skills Development Forms and Codes

Human Resources Council of South Africa (Newsletters)

HRCOSA 6of 2005.pdf
HRCOSA April 2004
HRCOSA February 2004
HRCOSA February 2003
HRCOSA May 2003
Human Resource Council of South Africa

Articles from Equity Skills News and Views


Audit And Measurement Of Diversity At Business Unit Level 
Audit and Measurement of HR Systems and Procedures 
Value System Instrument   
A Common Sense Guide to Being Prepared for Emergencies
A wake up call- Is your skill development house in order?
Measuring diversity - get the definition right and it is easy to measure!
Guidelines for preparing a workplace skills plan
Equity audit checklist- do you still discriminate in your employment practices?
Gender equality - the forgotten component in employment equity initiatives (part 1)
Gender Equality - Part 2- Equal Pay For Work of Equal Value
Post employment screening is just as important as pre-employment screening
Contract of employment checklist
Assessing Readiness To Implement A Performance Management System


Put together a customized employee newsletter in just minutes! Choose from the library of articles and illustrations to create your own newsletter. To include an article in your Company newsletter, please contact us.

Latest additions (October 2004)

Evaluating Performance Management Programmes
The Future Of HR As We Know It- Repositioning & Transforming
SABPP- HR Act Almost Ready For Publication
Talent Management- A Critical Way To Integrate & Embed Diversity*
Factors Driving & Influencing Remuneration Policy
Mitchell and The Fairstep Digital Prepress
Marketing HR to The CEO
When Bright People Don't Perform
Masilela v Leonard Dingler (Pty) Ltd
How HR Leaders Are Getting And Keeping A Seat At The Table
Does Your Performance Management Program Really Improve Performance
Putting Your HR Self-Service Solutions To The Test
Stories and Drama- Are They Useful As Value Adding Business Tools?
Steven Raymond Van Wyk v Albany Bakeries (Pty) Ltd & 2 others
Unfinished Business- Mastering HR Business Design
Case Study- Connecting the Energy of People - KeySpan Corporation Transforms HR Service & Delivery
How To Be A Strong Leader In The Face Of Uncertainty
The Power Of Leverage
NUMSA & others v Greenfields Labour Hire CC & another- Procedural fairness in dismissals based on operational requirements
Transforming HR- Line Delivery's The Way To Go
The Importance of Career Guidance & its Impact On South African Business
Handling Your Employees' "Exceptional Events"
SA Board For Personnel Practice (SABPP) July 2004
Got a New Strategy? Now Make it Happen
Wyeth SA (Pty) Ltd v Manqele & others
The Hardball Manifesto- Play to Win
Human Capital Management- The Chief Financial Offer(CFO) Point Of View
How Do We 'Celebrate' Our Diversity ?
Revising The Balanced Scorecard
Why HR Governance Matters
Edgars Consolidated Stores Ltd v Federal Council of Retail & Allied Workers Union
Does Your Business Need A People Strategy?
HIV-AIDS- Don't Deny That It's Happening; Confidentiality Is The Key
The 'At The Table Study'- The Strategic Effectiveness Of Human Resources
How Companies Will React To The Expensing Of Employee Share Schemes
Best Practices For Leading The Global Workforce
Human Capital Is A New Business Science
Goal Setting and Cheating- Why They Often Go Together
Education Purists Try To Stifle The Skills Development Process
A Revolution In Human Resources- Move HR Into Line
Tech Trends In HR For 2004 And Beyond
Substantive Fairness in Dismissal, Fraud
Managing Cultural Diversity In A Global World
The Strategic Importance of Change Leaders Modeling Change
White Paper- The Role of e-HR & Organisation Effectiveness
M&A- Five Tips for Selecting the Right HR Technology Systems
IBM Finds Profit in Diversity
Kathirgamathamby Yogeswaran and Eastern Cape Appropriate Technology Unit
Time to Talk Sense about Outsourcing
Becoming A Mentor To Yourself
The Great HR Paradox- A Thought Bullet For CEOs Everywhere
Exploding Some Popular Employment Myths
HR Outsourcing Is A Disruptive Innovation
Legislation Watch- DoL Issues HR Code of Practice for public comment; Facilities Regulations
South African Tourism Board v CCMA & others

Interviews with Human Resource Practitioners

Andrea Vinassa Interviews Melanie Froneman- People Management for the Expo Industry
Interview with Mxolisi Tyawa CEO of O’Brian - Topic- People management challenges facing SMME’s
Andrea Vinassa Interviews Taddy Blecher Co-Founder of Cida City Campus- Topic- The soul of Business in South Africa
Andrea Vinassa Interviews Bonang Mohale, CEO of Drake & Scull Facilities Management

South Africa Board of Personnel Practitioners

Across the board- communication from the SA Board for Personnel Practice (SABPP)
Across The Board- A communication from the SA Board for Personnel Practice (SABPP)
Across The Board- official communication of the SABPP
SPECIAL DISPENSATION FOR HR REGISTRATION- Do you want to register your HR people – but they do not qualify?
Across The Board- official communication of the SABPP- Human Resources in South Africa prepares for fundamental change
Across The Board- Official communication from the SA Board For Personnel Practice (SABPP)
Across The Board- Official communication from the SA Board For Personnel Practice (SABPP)

Human Resources Council of South Africa

HRCOSA Newsletter 2 of 2004
HRCOSA Newsletter 3 of 2004

Communication, Marketing and Branding

Using Communications to Lead
Connecting organisational communication to financial performance - 2003-2004 communication ROI Study
Creating the Internal Brand


Assessment policy – what is involved?
Spotlight on assessment and moderation of workplace learning
The role of the assessor in awarding qualifications
Assessment in South Africa- Finding Method in the Madness
Use Strategic Learning Contracts when you are 'obliged' to provide training
Champions wanted to drive training Initiatives
Assessment- What’s the value added?


Spotlight on learnerships 
Implementing learnerships in the workplace
Learnerships- a solution to skills issues in South Africa, or a tangle of red tape?
Preparing to implement learnerships
A policy framework for learnerships 
Applied learning in the workplace- learning islands and roadmaps 
A policy framework for learnerships
Applied learning in the workplace- learning islands and roadmaps

Organisational Development

Renewal through transition - change management 
Re-engineering South African leadership- awakening the leadership genius within yourself and your followers
Organisational change- good news from the front lines
Transition as 'the way through'
Improving your organisation's speed and agility
The role of Human Resources in whole systems change- HR as Scout, Chess Master, Cartographer, and Architect
Harnessing the energy of change champions
Action-Training for Effective Change
Transition Coaching
Building Your In-House Change Resources to Maximize Your ROI from Change

Employment Equity

Creative implementation and intensive training will be needed to implement the Employment Equity Act 
A line manager's guide to implementing equitable employment practices 
Employment equity compliance- have employment equity committees been correctly set up?
Are your employment equity targets and plans realistic?
Are your Employment Equity (EE) policies, procedures, and practices legally compliant?
Employment equity committees - ignored, ineffective or simply not implemented?
Employee consultation- principles and practices
Promotions and employment equity- balancing competing claims
Juggling equity and injustice
Implementing the EE Act's new Code of Good Practice on Disability- Equity-Skills interviews the drafters
Technical Assistance Guidelines - HIV-AIDS in the workplace
Beware dodgy Aids insurance products
Affirmative action seen through a court's eyes
Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment as a form of Corporate Social Responsibility
The role of HR in facilitating Black Economic Empowerment
Black Economic Empowerment and Taxation of Employee
African CEOs- A View from the Top
An Opposing View on Corporate Social Responsibility

Diversity & Gender

Psychological aspects of discrimination in the Workplace
Measuring diversity Part 1- get the definition right and it is easy to measure!
Intercultural encounters in the world of work
Gender Equality - the forgotten component in employment equity initiatives (Part 1)
Permanent same-sex life partners and employee benefits 
Racism as a hindrance to managing diversity
Audit And Measurement Of Diversity At Business Unit Level
Sexual harassment in the workplace
Spotlight on employees with disabilities- Employers can no longer make general, and unfounded assumptions about people with disabilities
Gender Equality - Part 2- Equal Pay For Work of Equal Value
Religious accommodations- ’Tis the season to be merry -- religious holiday season, that is!
Religious accommodation in the workplace.
Guidelines on Religious Freedom and Religious Expression in the Workplace
What sort of vision of a multicultural workforce have you?
Gender equality - equal pay for work of equal value (part 2)
Diversity in the workplace- how much progress has been made?
Top-down vs. bottom-up- successfully implementing diversity initiatives
Increasing the representation of women in senior management positions
Diversity recruiting; Part 1
Diversity recruiting- Part 2
Diversity recruiting- Part 3
Policy guidance on "new age" training programs which conflict with employees' religious beliefs
Women Leaders- strategic yet invisible assets
Diversity Recruiting- the compelling business case
A new look at the glass ceiling- the perspective from the top
Women Leaders- strategic yet invisible assets
Harvard Business School- Women leaders and organizational change
Diversity Today- Manager or Mentor? Why You Must Be Both*
Making Inclusion A way Of Life

Training & Development

The long march to ETQA status for the South African Board For Personnel Practice (SABPP)
Guidelines for preparing a workplace skills plan
Is standards-based training and a unit standards-based credit system the most effective option for certification of learners in South Africa?
Skills Development Legislation – Challenge or Opportunity?
Spotlight on skill development programmes
A wake up call- Is your skill development house in order?
High impact leadership and learning
Mentoring programme standards for designing a mentoring programme that Works
ASTD Global Network SA- State of the Industry Report
A fresh look at competencies- transforming Individuals' skills and experience into organisationally relevant results
Encouraging Training & Development Activities in SME’s- Some Lessons from UK Research
Lessons in Education and Technology
Adopting E-Learning- moving from challenge to action

Human Resources

Human Resource systems health check 
Human Resources Management Practices SGB (Standards Generating Body)
Is HRD legislation promoting or hindering education and training?
Audit and Measurement of HR Systems and Procedures
A survey to measure your company’s human resource productivity- A checklist of measures and actions
Creating a Human Resource measurement framework that works
E - HR Strategy- An Electronic (E) Human Resource (HR) Strategy is attainable by small and medium sized business
Integrated Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) have become easier, affordable, and practical for smaller and medium-sized business
Update on progress made in piloting The Investors In People Standard in organisations in South Africa
The future will belong to outsourcing companies
Human Resources get's an "incomplete" in metrics
Firms need a dramatic increase in productivity- now is the time for HR to accept responsibility for increasing employee productivity!
HR customer satisfaction survey- where do you stand with line managemen
The case against outsourcing- read this before you consider outsourcing!
Customer driven workforce management
HR leaders at the crossroads- remaining relevant in the 21st century
Human Resource Management- management’s tower of Babble?
How can I tell if I am being strategic- the definition of strategic HR
HR customer needs audit
Executive pay – too much or too little?

HR, ethics, compliance risks & fair labour practices- ethical dilemmas, an ethical safety algorithm and recommendations for a way forward

From administrator to strategic partner - what are companies doing to get the most from their Business 2 Employee-e-HR investment?
How businesses can respond to HIV-AIDS
2003 Workforce Technologies Survey 6th Annual Edition
From "Professional Business Partner" To "Strategic Talent Leader": "What's Next" for Human Resource Management?

Workplace Violence

Preface to the ILO draft code on preventing violence in the workplace
Conclusions & key issues about the cost of violence in the workplace
Workplace violence awareness and prevention- is there a legal duty on employers to take appropriate steps to prevent exposing employees to workplace violence?

Human Resources Strategy

How to keep your HR budget from being cut
Selecting an HR strategy
Human Resource Managers as strategic partners in South African organisations
Integrated line management and HR planning
Beyond succession management- new directions and fresh approaches
A guide to strategic human resource planning
Workforce Planning- Assessment of workforce planning readiness
Clarifying the strategic role of HR
New study suggests HR function hasn't changed dramatically
Financial "undercounting" in HR- what you don't count is hurting you!
Dissatisfaction down the line- study finds that line perceives HR's performance not all that good
Unfinished Business- Mastering HR Business Design
Smart Due Diligence- Beating the Odds in Mergers & Acquisitions

Human Capital

Creating shareholder value through people- Human Capital ROI study
Effective people management and profitability- global Human Capital survey 2002.
Strategic rewards- maximising the value of reward programmes
Linking human capital management to business value – a worldwide view
HR’s priorities and roles in the New Economy (even in South Africa!)
Invitation from GIMT to benchmark your organisations performance in the new economy GIMT
The Beehive Model- giving CEO’s the right levers to pull to entrench change and high performance
What gets measured gets done- developing a HR scorecard
Integrated Human Capital Management- Achieving Success By Crossing Traditional HR Boundaries
HR’s role in the new economy
New Economy HR Practices Questionnaire
HR Management systems in the New Economy- They haven't added any value – you say?
Secrets of Human Capital Management- Oddly, Good Isn't Good Enough
Secrets of Human Capital Management- Values Not Practices

Culture and Values

A brief commentary on values- Aligning actions with values
Ubuntu, isivivane and uhluhlasa- the meaning of leadership and management in South Africa
If work is a human right, how can it feel so wrong! - Part 1
If work is a human right, how can it feel so wrong! - Part 2
Boosting productivity through recognition requires cultural understanding
Building trust within organisations
Engaging multiple generations among your workforce
Self-worth is arguably the most important possession we own
The new loyalty compact- organization-employee loyalty is reborn


Mentoring as a way to transfer learning, and accelerate empowerment
The mentoring implementation process- from theory to practice
Why mentoring programmes and relationships fail
Coaching and mentoring- a fad or here to stay?

Performance Management

360-degree feedback- how to avoid a disaster
360° FEEDBACK: Strategies for enhancing sales performance 
Maximising Performance, Unleashing Potential
The development of the Balanced Scorecard as a strategic management tool
There’s no question about it- it pays to manage people right!
Critical success factors to support the management of performance in public and private sector organisations

Performance management policy- a 20-step plan that will not fall foul of the law 

Performance management- policy is one thing – the reality of implementation is another!

Benchmarking people management practices in South Africa

HR balanced scorecard - visualising HR's contribution to Corporate Value Generation

Linking Corporate and Individual Performance Management Systems

Managing performance- building accountability for organisational success

Common performance management challenges

You've got the power- using goal-driven performance management to empower

Survey shows pressing need for solutions to align employee goals with business strategy

Managing the "c" performer- an alternative to forced ranking of appraisals

Critical Success Factors To Support The Management Of Performance

Assessing Readiness To Implement A Performance Management System

Does Your Performance Management Programme Really Improve Performance?

Empowerment- the fundamental process for unleashing human potential

Do competencies matter? making sure your competency model is properly tuned*

Retooling 360s for Better Performance
Portfolio Thinking- Performance Management in the New World of Work
The smarter way toward self-development
The Real Laws of Attraction- Why Positive Affirmations Don’t Work!
Unless you are willing to settle for less in your life, assessment is essential!
Why competencies may not be enough!
The Cry for Competence

Recruitment and Selection

Six ways you can help your CEO understand talent management
Diversity recruiting; Part 1
Diversity recruiting- Part 2
Diversity recruiting- Part 3
Engaging talent- Why retention and remuneration is one of the top issues in HR


Effective total rewards strategies
Base pay – back to the future?
Reward programmes offer organisations a competitive edge
Employment packages – trends & realities
What is HR doing with its huge buying power to contain medical aid subs?
The conflict of remuneration disclosure- more is not necessarily better!
Company cars versus car allowances – the ongoing debate
UIF exemptions in New Year - labour dept
Compensation- What's the Big Secret?
You Get What You Pay For – Short Term Incentive Pitfalls
Most Companies Mix Outsourcing and Insourcing to Optimize Benefits Administration

Labour Court Decisions - Summaries

To include an article or extract thereof in your Company newsletter, please contact us.

The latest case law summaries may be viewed online here: www.caselaw.co.za 

Department of Correctional Services v Van Vuuren 1999 (20) ILJ 2297 Labour Appeal Court Decision 
Durban Metropolitan Council and SAMWU obo Lootz (1998) 7 ARB 6.9.5 Private Arbitration - a case of affirmative action employment practice 
Mzeku & others v Volkswagen SA (Pty) Ltd (case number PA 3-01) 22 June 2001 
Shoprite Checkers (Pty) Limited v A. Ramdaw and others (LAC, DA 12-00, ) 
Williams vs. The UWC & University Of Cape Town (UCT) vs. Thomas auf der Heyede 
Codes of Good Practice
Case law on Employee Promotions
Case law Review - Offers of Reinstatement
Caselaw summaries
Dismissals for operational requirements
Test for incompatibility
COFESA, Contractors, and contracts of employment
Section 7(2) of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998 ("the Act"), to perform the ELISA HIV test
"Remuneration! O, that’s the Latin word for three-farthings." - [Shakespeare] In grappling with a new definition of remuneration, the Minister of Labour should have looked to the Bard for guidance.
Merit vs Affirmative Action Appointments
Molapo Technology (Pty) ltd v Schreuder & others
Sectoral Determinations
Outsourcing, and how to stay ‘legal’ when transferring a business is at issue
Voluntary testing of an employee's HIV Status - court gives go ahead
The Promotion of Access to Information Act Manual
Affirmative action, bomb squads and political capital
De-registration of trade unions
New rights and wrongs- has the Labour Court exceeded its powers in ruling that all employees have a right to affirmative action
Taxation of costs and Deregistration of Employer Associations
Aarons v University of Stellenbosch
Access to Information Act - quick fix
Communication Workers Union & Others v Mobile Telephone Networks (Pty) Ltd
Affirmative action seen through a court's eyes
s197 transfers of contracts of employment
Benjamin v University of Cape Town - "Employee" v "Employer"
Your Boss can't monitor your email without your consent!
Case EC795-03 Erasmus v Norkee - Commissioner- Koorts
Labour Court- C259- 00 Bongiwe Ntsabo v Real Security cc- Judge Pillay
Labour Court's landmark ruling opens doors- Employers to be held accountable for sexual harassment in the workplace
Lilian Dudley v The City of Cape Town & Another- Judge Tip - Affirmative Action - Employment equity and discrimination
Automatically unfair Algorax (Pty) Ltd
Misconduct committed outside workplace

Third Party Training Resources


Essential Software

New Reports

Violence & Injuries Prevention - The Report examines a broad spectrum of violence including child abuse and neglect by caregivers, youth violence, violence by intimate partners, sexual violence, elder abuse, suicide, and collective violence. One chapter is devoted to each of these seven topics. The Report also includes a statistical annex with country and regional data derived from the WHO Mortality and Morbidity Database and a list of resources for violence prevention.

UNCTAD publications ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA PERFORMANCE, PROSPECTS AND POLICY ISSUES (UNCTAD-GDS-AFRICA-2) This year’s report reviews the policy content of the poverty reduction programmes in Africa and analyses the extent to which the new poverty focus of the Bretton Woods institutions differs fundamentally from the structural adjustment programmes which have been applied in the past 20 years. Issues of country ownership and participation, conditionality, macroeconomic policy measures and the new emphasis on primary health care and education and governance are discussed. The report draws a number of policy conclusions with a view to ensuring that both national and international policies are conducive to growth and poverty alleviation on the continent.




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