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Template - Communications Plan

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Detailed Communication Plan

Here you should go into the detailed actions that are planned for communication issues and fill in each column as indicated below:

1. Communication Issue 2. Key Messages 3. Desired Outcomes 4. Actions / Initiatives 5. Stakeholders 6. Communication Channel 7. Timing 8. Budget
Outline what issue is being covered. For example "Restructuring of the company" What are the key things that you want to communicate. For example: how, when and why are the changes taking place. What are you hoping to achieve from the communication. E.g. staff understanding or support for the changes. Outline what actions you are taking in order to communicate the changes – start a staff newsletter List all your stakeholders or audiences. Describe the communication channels that you will be using. For example print medium and email When do you plan to do this? How much will this cost?

Yearly Planner

List the activities that you plan for each month so that people can see the year ahead at a glance.

Only list the main activities.

Jan Feb March April May June
July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec


In this section outline the budget required in order to execute the communication plan.

Be sure to show how much you will be spending each month.

Item Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

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