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Workforce Planning and Succession Manual

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You are now the owner of the Workforce Planning and Succession Manual by Workinfo.com

To install the Manual, save the "WorkforcePlanning.exe" to your computer (preferably in your usual "My Documents" folder). Once the file has been saved, double click the file. The product will install itself on your computer.


Download the Manual by clicking here:-

WorkforcePlanning.exe [2,076 Kb zipped / 10 MB unzipped]

Save the file to your computer, and once downloaded, double click the file. The Manual will then begin to install itself. You will be prompted to type in a Password. 

The password will be emailed to you on confirmation of payment

Once you have typed in the Password, a file will open which will allow you to access the Manual files.

The Manual files are stored by default in your "My Documents" folder. You may also access the Manual directly by going to "My Documents" and opening the relevant folder called "WorkforcePlanning".

Please contact us if you have any queries on 012 669 0524.

If you are unable to open the file please contact as soon as possible.

The contents of this Manual are as follows:-


Chapter 1

Workforce planning


Annexure 1

VP of HR

Annexure 2

Succession planning


Chapter 2

A guide to strategic human resource planning


Chapter 3

Unit standards applicable to workforce planning


Annexure 3

Preliminary workforce planning checklist

Annexure 4

Workforce planning models


Chapter 4

Workforce Planning Model


Chapter 5

Phase 1 Workforce planning


Annexure 5

Outline for setting strategic direction

Annexure 6

Environmental impact analysis

Annexure 7

Strategic plan impact analysis

Annexure 8

Strategic planning checklist

Annexure 9

Structured Interviews

Annexure 10

Summary of workforce plan

Annexure 11

Workforce planning team members

Annexure 12

Financial Services Charter

Annexure 13

Focus groups

Annexure 14

Workload assessment (i.e. Employment Status Analysis (permanent, contract, temporary and outsourced)

Annexure 15

Employee Retention Survey & Focus Group

Annexure 16

Workforce aging analysis (USA State of Washington Task Force Findings)

Annexure 17

Aids impact analysis

Annexure 17b

Aids Statistics

Annexure 18

Workforce Analysis

Annexure 19

Costings analysis

Annexure 24

Workforce planning readiness checklist


Chapter 6

Phase 2 Workforce planning


Annexure 20

Competency and Skill Assessment

Annexure 21

Competency dictionary

Annexure 22

Selected Human Resource Metrics for Workforce Analysis

Annexure 23

Gap Analysis Template


Chapter 7

Phase 3 Workforce planning


Annexure 25


Annexure 26

Development of strategies and action items

Annexure 27

Example of Developmental Needs Assessment

Annexure 28

Examples of strategies

Annexure 29

Human Capital Standard for Success

Annexure 30

Implementation considerations

Annexure 31

Learning and development activities


Chapter 8

Phase 4 - workforce planning


Annexure 32

Project Initiative Inventory Template

Annexure 33

Project management templates

Annexure 34

Relationship between workforce planning and other strategic plans

Annexure 35

Simple Workforce Planning Questionnaire

Annexure 36

US Forestry Manpower Plan

Annexure 37

Workforce Planning Overheads


Chapter 9



Chapter 10





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