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Industrial Relations

Scope of Services - Industrial Relations

  • Assisting with or chairing disciplinary and grievance hearings·
  • Facilitating poor performance / incapacity counselling meetings
  • Drafting and negotiating disciplinary and workplace codes
  • Negotiating recognition / access and procedural agreements
  • Negotiating wage and substantive agreements
  • Assistance in preparing for / or representation in Mediation and Arbitration proceedings (CCMA and Bargaining Councils), subject to the Rules of the CCMA.
  • Guiding employers through organisational restructuring exercises (retrenchments / redundancies / changing conditions of employment) and assisting with / leading the consultation / negotiation processes
  • Guiding employers through strikes, go-slows, work-to-rule, lockouts, picketing and other industrial action
  • Contract Administration & Interpretation
  • Grievances
  • Arbitration
  • Managing and Monitoring Union Relations
  • Workplace Forums
  • IR Policy Development


Workinfo.com provides onsite labour consulting services at preferential consulting rates. To contact us for consulting services, please use the contact form below:-

For urgent queries, please contact our office. We will ensure that a qualified consultant contacts you as soon as possible.


We provide an integrated solution to day to day industrial relations and employee management concerns. We ensure the transfer of essential IR skills and knowledge to supervisors, management and employees / shop stewards. Each client's needs are evaluated individually and appropriate interventions costed and agreed to by client.

Industrial Relations Solutions


Employer Association Membership
  • Membership of registered national independent employer association, promoting employer interests and effective implementation of labour legislation.
Industrial Relations Corporate Compliance Audit
  • Comprehensive industrial relations audit focusing on compliance with labour laws and accepted industrial relations practices. Ensuring IR strategies are aligned with corporate goals / business objectives.
Supervisory and Shop Steward IR Training
  • On-site training of key employees on essential IR practices, ensuring effective transfer of skills into the organisation. Focusing on managing employee conduct, performance, incapacity and grievances.
Bi-annual seminars on labour developments
  • Labour law seminars conducted by in-house consultants and recognised labour attorneys on key developments in labour laws, case law and workplace practices.
Industrial Relations Management Manual
  • Development of customised and practical IR manual addressing significant and most common IR interventions, from strikes and industrial action to initiating disciplinary action & monitoring time and attendance.
Employee communication - Line Ups
  • Implementation of daily / weekly communication strategy ensuring corporate goals, key business indicators, and essential skills, knowledge and behaviours are transferred to employees.

Support Services

In addition to the IR Solutions offered by Workplace Performance Technologies we provide a range of ongoing onsite support services. Our services may either be retained through membership of the employers association or on an ad hoc basis. Designated Regional Account Managers provide support services.

Industrial Relations Services


Chairing of hearings
  • Chairing of Disciplinary / Appeal / Dispute hearings
Wage Negotiations
  • Preparation for and facilitating of annual wage negotiations. Strike preparation and representation in collective dispute proceedings.
Pre-hearing preparation 
  •  Pre-hearing preparation (internal hearings, conciliation and arbitrations). Representation at CCMA proceedings (subject to the Rules of the CCMA regarding external representation), alternatively, securing the attendance of legal representation.
Designated regional consultant / account manager
  • Regional Account Managers providing on-site and telephonic support services. Assist in all legal and trade union disputes, and drafting appropriate documentation.
Free Monthly e-newsletters & legislative updates
  • Comprehensive free monthly e-newsletter covering key HR / IR issues (Skills training, Employment Equity, IR, Labour court awards, and emerging HR issues)
Telephonic support
  • Telephonic support

Metrics & Measurements of Success

In consultation with the client, specific performance indicators are determined to ensure that industrial relations outcomes are being achieved. Aside from meeting legislative requirements, critical industrial relations outcomes are identified in accordance with corporate goals and objectives.

  • Litigation costs
  • Reduced staffing requirements
  • Dispute Settlement Fees
  • Comparative salary / wage costs
  • Awareness of Company rules and regulations, parameters for acceptable performance and conduct
  • Employee grievances and disputes (employee satisfaction)
  • Transference of IR skills to supervisors
  • Limited third party intervention
  • Improved employee productivity

Implementation & Monitoring

Through regular client contact reports and status briefings, the client is in a position to evaluate, revise and monitor the implementation of agreed industrial relations activities.

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Gary Watkins

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