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E-Business or Out of Business

# E-Business or Out of Business

Mark J Barrenechea

McGraw-Hill, 2001

Oracle’s roadmap for profiting in the new economy

This book sets out the challenges and opportunities that accompany the transformation from offline commerce to e-business:

>> Reconcile new Internet business strategies with traditional brick-and-mortar operations

>> Cut IT expenses and standardize business processes

>> Interact with each customer in consistent and effective ways

>> Accumulate customer information systematically and reconcile it with data already gathered

>> Deploy new products and processes internally – the moment they become available

>> Consolidate separate databases and computer systems into a one-stop global database

>> Coordinate multi-vendor applications approaches

# Hacking exposed: Second edition

Joel Scambray, Stuart McClure, George Kurtz

Osborne/McGraw-Hill, 2001

The book brings even more in-depth insight into how hackers infiltrate e-business and how they can be stopped. Security insiders Joel Scambray, Stuart McClure and George Kurtz present more than 220 all-new pages of technical detail and case studies in an easy-to-follow style. The world of Internet security moves even faster than the digital economy, and all of the bran-new tools and techniques that have surfaced since the publication of the best-selling first edition are covered here. Use the real-world countermeasures in this one-of-a-kind volume to plug the holes in your network today- before they end up in the headlines tomorrow. New and updated material:

>> Rand new "hacking the internet user" chapter covers insidious internet client attacks against web browsers, email software, and active content, including the vicious new Outlook email date field buffer overflow and ILOVEYOU worms.

>> A huge new chapter on Windows 2000 attacks and countermeasures covers offline password database attacks and Encrypting File System (EFS) vulnerabilities

>> Coverage of all the new distributed denial of services (DdoS) tools and techniques that almost broke down the Internet in February 2000

>> An update dial-up chapter with new material on PBX and voicemail system hacking

>> Significantly updated e-commerce hacking methodologies including new IIS and Cold Fusion vulnerabilities

>> New network discovery tools and techniques, including new windows-based scanners, how to sniff on switched networks using ARP redirection, and RIP spoofing attacks

>> New security attacks against Windows, UNIX, Linux, Netware, and dozens of other platforms, with appropriate countermeasures


# Performance measurement

This package takes a look at the very important topic of Performance Reviews/Appraisals. It demonstrates through a series of dramatic vignettes, the right way to conduct a Performance Review. The programme encourages the Supervisor to take on the role of ‘coach and mentor" as opposed to that of headmaster.

Key learning points:

>> Performance Reviews/Appraisals increase the productivity of the individual, the team and the organisation

>> Performance Review should not be treated as a critique session

>> The Appraiser should be objective, positive and supportive

>> The Appraiser and the Appraisee must jointly agree on objectives of the future

Running time: 18 minutes; Target Audience: All Managers; Support Material: Guide, Handout, OHP

# Flying blind: how traditional measures mislead; measuring corporate performance

You may think you know which products, markets or customers are driving your company’s performance. But increasingly, traditional measures are unreliable. Managers of MAPLEHURST.READY BAKE for example, knew "intuitively" that a new machine had cut operating costs – but their traditional financial system wasn’t supporting what they knew.

Key learning points:

>> New thinking about companies measuring their performance

>> Problems with traditional performance measures

>> How to predict future performance

>> What is activity-based management and how to implement the system

>> How a Balanced Scorecard can define activities

Running time: 30 minutes; Target Audience: Non-financial staff; Support Material: Guide

# Break it thinking

Based on the book by Dr Louis Patler, this gives stimulus to change from within organisations. It reveals the three crucial mindsets we need to become BREAK-IT THINERS. It turns conventional wisdom on its ear and transforms viewers into strong, forward thinking, don’t – look – back innovators who embrace change and create bright new opportunities for themselves and their organisations.

Key learning points:

>> Reveal how advances in technology and communication are changing work and lifestyles

>> Review the impact of globalised economy on individuals and organisations

>> Encourage the implementation of empowered teams, self managed employees and corporate democracy

>> Prepare individuals, teams and organisations for the increasing rate and magnitude of change

Running time: 14 minutes; Target Audience: All Staff; Support Material: Guide

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